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UGC urges universities to use handloom robes for convocations

January 18, 2024

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has reiterated its call to universities to adopt ceremonial robes made from handloom fabrics for special events like convocations, emphasizing the comfort and sense of pride associated with such attire in India’s climate.

This isn’t the first time the UGC has brought up the idea. Previous communications in 2015 and 2019 encouraged universities to consider this shift in ceremonial dress.

Highlighting the positive response from several universities that have already embraced handloom fabrics for their ceremonial attire, UGC Secretary Manish R Joshi, in a recent letter, acknowledged that some institutions have yet to make this transition.

The letter emphasized that handloom fabrics offer greater comfort in the Indian climate and evoke a sense of national pride. It urged universities to revisit their ceremonial dress codes for convocations and make the shift to handloom fabrics.

UGC Secretary Joshi underlined the broader benefits of this change, stating, “The use of handloom fabrics would not only instill a sense of pride in being Indian but also promote the handloom industry in the country, which provides employment opportunities to many people living in rural areas.”

As part of this renewed push, universities have been kindly requested to share the actions taken in response to this recommendation, providing documentation in the form of photographs and videos. This collaborative effort seeks not only to enhance the cultural and traditional significance of ceremonial attire but also to support the handloom industry, contributing to employment opportunities in rural areas.

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