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Indian students in Ukraine

Ukraine: Indian students not allowed to board train

March 1, 2022
-Reshma Ravishanker
Indian students claim that they are discriminated against in war affected Ukraine where they are not allowed to board trains to relocate to safer places. 
This comes at a time when the Indian Embassy has issued an advisory to all Indians to vacate Kyiv immediately. On Tuesday, Embassy of India in Kyiv, in an official communication said, ” Advisory to Indians in Kyiv- All Indian nationals including students are advised to leave Kyiv urgently today. Preferably by available trains or through any other means available.”
While Ukranian citizens are allowed to board the trains, a student from Karnataka communicated to his family that Indians were asked to wait. 
In a voice note he sent to his parents in Karnataka’s Mandya district, Raghav (name changed), one of the stranded Indians rued “I am at the railway station at the moment. We are waiting for the next train and are not aware of the timings yet. “At the moment, we are being discriminated against. Only Ukranians are allowed to board the train and we are being asked to wait outside. They open the doors of the train only when Ukranians knock and immediately shut it after they board.” 


He also said that they did not take videographic evidence of the incidents as it would only invite bad will.  “I request you not to get concerned. I am looking at any opportunity available to get out of here. I will certainly come home. 

“Finding cabs here has become a challenge. I hope that the network and mobile charge remains intact. We are hopeful of being able to board a train. If that should not happen, we have been assured that there are bunkers for safety there,” said the student.

His parents, concerned about his situation are only hopeful that the Indian Embassy intervenes and the students return safe. 
Meanwhile on Monday, a student pursuing medicine claimed that the Ukrainian soldiers only escorted their citizens to safety. She said that none of the students were allowed to board trains to Hungary. Such was the discrimination against anyone who was not a Ukranian citizen. 

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