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University of Massachusetts Global launches online MBA for Indian professionals

January 16, 2024

University of Massachusetts Global (UMass Global) has launched its online MBA program in India. Renowned for its academic excellence, UMass Global aims to provide a dynamic platform for Indian professionals to navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape, opening doors to global opportunities and empowering participants to build impactful international careers.

What sets the UMass Global MBA program apart is its distinction as the only U.S. university offering an online MBA at an affordable price, strategically focusing on bridging market gaps. The program comes with unique advantages, including alumni status that provides access to benefits similar to in-person programs. The curriculum is employer-aligned and created by renowned UMass Global faculty, offering a pragmatic and globally applicable learning experience. The 18-month program is designed to help professionals upskill conveniently through its fully online format.

The Wheebox India Skills Report 2023 predicts the MBA to be among the most sought-after degrees in 2023, with 60.1 percent employability for the most talented individuals. India ranks among the top 10 nations for students actively pursuing MBA and equivalent programs, highlighting the country’s global significance in business education. Considering that MBA graduates earn 77 percent more than those with only a bachelor’s degree, choosing an MBA is seen as a strategic investment in long-term career success.

The UMass Global MBA is tailored for both emerging professionals and seasoned leaders, fostering cognitive skills crucial for navigating regulatory, ethical, and social landscapes. It empowers decision-making and critical thinking while instilling agile thinking across business and technical domains. The program aims to build and lead global organizations that are diverse, equitable, inclusive, and just.

Ricardo Lorenzana, UMass Global’s Vice Chancellor, Partnerships and Dean, School of Extended Education, expressed excitement about the program’s launch, emphasizing UMass Global’s commitment to providing world-class education on a global scale. The program is scheduled to commence on February 19, 2024, with a fee of INR 3,32,000 + GST, offering alumni status and benefits upon successful completion.

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