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Unregistered madrasas in Muzaffarnagar face a daily fine of Rs 10,000

October 26, 2023

The Uttar Pradesh basic education department has issued a notice, stipulating that unregistered madrasas in the district must pay a daily penalty of Rs 10,000. The notice was sent to several unregistered madrasas, instructing them to provide the necessary documentation. In Uttar Pradesh, there are approximately 24,000 madrasas, with 16,000 being recognized and 8,000 unregistered. Those madrasas that received notices must submit their documentation within three days or face consequences as per the regulations.

Muzaffarnagar Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA) Shubham Shukla reported that the district minority department informed his office about over a hundred unregistered madrasas in the district, which operate in violation of norms. The notice, however, has sparked controversy, with the Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, an organization of Indian Muslims, deeming it ‘unlawful.’ Maulana Zakir Husain, secretary of the Uttar Pradesh unit of Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind, criticized the notices, alleging that they unfairly target a specific community, as madrasas provide free education and cannot afford the Rs 10,000 daily fine.

Moreover, approximately 4,000 madrasas in the state are being scrutinized for receiving foreign funds, with the state government forming a special investigation team (SIT) to investigate these institutions, many of which are located along the Indo-Nepal border.

Source: PTI

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