Unrepentant baba log

EducationWorld November 2023 | Magazine Postscript

Some people never learn. Instead of being repentant that the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty which led post-independence India down the socialist road that bankrupted the country destroying the modest material aspirations of one — perhaps two — generations, Rahul Gandhi, the latest scion of the dynasty, seems determined to use the wrecking ball to destroy Gautam Adani, one of the few industrialists to survive socialism and the devilish licence-permit-quota regimen designed to strangle private enterprises at birth.

According to a Times of India report (November 1), Rahul, who God forbid could become yet another Nehru-Gandhi prime minister should the opposition INDIA alliance of myriad parties win General Election 2024, has been targeting Adani, who within the short span of two decades has established massive nation-building infrastructure projects — ports, power and cement plants, airports, green energy, edible oils, warehousing — to emerge as one of the few billionaire businessmen of the 21st century with real assets on the ground. According to RaGa Adani’s success is due to the full backing of prime minister Modi and that he is the front man of the prime minister. Steeped in the mindset of licence-permit raj of his ancestors, this latest scion of the dynasty evidently believes that business success is still impossible without political backing. Nor despite his top job aspirations does he understand that it is the PM’s job to encourage and back the country’s enterprising entrepreneurs. Years ago, the late public intellectual Romesh Thapar described the Nehru clan as baba log — overindulged rich brats — playing government.

RaGa is the latest of this lot who have never got a college degree or held a job, and plays high politics without care or concern of who or what he knocks down. Adani’s fault is that like Dhirubhai Ambani before him, he has skirted the thousands of irrational laws, rules and regulations designed to cabin, crib and confine the entrepreneurial genius of India’s businessmen. Creation of employment and payment of taxes is the high crime Adani has committed against this would-be prime minister steeped in the socialism mindset.

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