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UP: Officials to review qualifications, facilities in state-funded madrassas

December 4, 2023

The Uttar Pradesh government has instructed officials to investigate the educational qualifications of teachers and facilities in state-funded madrassas. Ifthikar Ahmad Javed, Chairman of the Uttar Pradesh Madrasa Education Board, expressed dissatisfaction, labeling such inquiries as a “routine process” causing disruptions in educational activities. He emphasized the need for a thorough and focused probe to avoid future disruptions.

A letter from the Director of the Minority Welfare Department directed divisional deputy directors and district minority welfare officers to ensure basic facilities and competent teachers in madrassas for quality education. The letter outlined the need for exploratory and scientific perspectives in students, instructing a probe into madrassa buildings and educational records by December 30.

Approximately 25,000 madrassas operate in Uttar Pradesh, with 560 receiving state grants. The letter highlighted a lack of fundamental facilities and the absence of quality, scientific education hindering employment opportunities. A committee, including the District Minority Welfare Officer and District Magistrate, will conduct the probe, with additional committees in districts with over 20 state-grant-receiving madrassas.

Chairman Javed raised concerns about the disruption to Board exam preparations, stating that the government is free to investigate government-aided madrassas. He suggested that a proper and timely probe is necessary for focused improvements. Javed recalled previous surveys and probes, emphasizing the need for a thoughtful approach to prevent disruptions during exam preparations.

Source: PTI

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