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Uttar Pradesh Madrassa Education Board permits pre-primary classes in all Madrasas

May 12, 2023

Nishant Saxena

The Uttar Pradesh Madrassa Education Board (UPMEB) has granted permission to all registered and unregistered institutions to hold pre-primary classes on their premises. The board previously had no provisions for admissions to pre-primary classes.

The decision to allow pre-primary classes was made after reports surfaced that many Madrasas were already operating such classes on their campuses. The board has clarified that the Madrassas will be responsible for bearing the expenses for such classes.

In a statement issued on May 9, the UPMEB registrar announced that it was unanimously decided to allow pre-primary classes in all Madrasas. Uttar Pradesh currently has 16,513 recognized Madrassas and over 7,500 unregistered ones.

According to the UPMEB, the Madrasas will be responsible for making all necessary arrangements including infrastructure, adequate teachers, security, and the education of students. The state government will not provide any financial support.

Iftikhar Ahmad Javed, Chairperson of UPMEB, has been quoted as saying that discussions had been ongoing since 2021 to regulate pre-primary classes operating in Madrasas, as many institutions were already running such classes due to parental demand. After a lot of brainstorming, it was finally decided to legalize the pre-primary classes, he added.

It is worth noting that the decision to allow pre-primary classes in Madrasas has been welcomed by the parents who have been demanding the same for a long time.

The UPMEB’s decision to allow pre-primary classes in Madrasas has been well received and is being seen as a positive step towards improving education standards in the state.

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