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Useful tips to retain Biology Lessons

Biology is an interesting subject but can also be quite challenging. If you are aspiring to become a doctor, then Biology is critical to your CBSE NEET success. Concepts like Plant Morphology, Cell structure, and Genetics can give many sleepless nights. If you too find the subject tough, these tips will come in handy for you. Here’s how you should approach the subject.

Plan your revision well

While keeping that difficult chapter for another day might seem tempting, it is best to have a robust study plan for challenging subjects. So, if you find Biology a little tough to revise, we recommend reviewing the concepts right after the Biology lesson, when the chapter is fresh in your mind. An effective way to study Biology is by mastering the general concepts before tackling the specific ones. Study consistently and prepare a weekly schedule. Also, tick the checkboxes post completion of every chapter. Study consistently to score well.

Focus on the right study material

To succeed in anything, we need to first honestly review where we stand. Go through the Biology syllabus to ascertain which concepts you know well and the ones which need extra preparation. Focus on the right study material. If you are preparing for CBSE NEET, use study material from a reputed coaching institute like Aakash. Aakash Institute is synonymous with trust and excellence. The study material from Aakash is prepared by subject experts based on the latest examination pattern. Utilize the rich content to get a better grasp of the subject and ace CBSE NEET.

Study the terms well

One of the hardest parts of studying biology is by-hearting several terms. Get familiar with the various terms used. You could break down words or consider the sources which will help you remember them easily. Also, make a note of the names you find complex, and look up their definition which will help you understand them faster. You could even use bright markers and symbols to highlight things to remember. This will assist you in revision.

Put theory into practice

Use the laboratory as much as possible to help understand the theories. Lab experiments will help you retain concepts better. Make several diagrams to understand the chapters well. Also, a lot of questions in the exam are diagram based, which means blindly mugging up chapters won’t help.

Evaluate yourself regularly

Attempting the last year’s exam papers is the best way to evaluate where you stand and how much you have retained while studying. It will also help you understand the question paper pattern and just how quickly you can solve the Biology section. Additionally, it is also the best source of revision and practice. Mock test and test series offered by Aakash Institute also help in evaluating your understanding of the subject. Finally, don’t forget to attempt the exercise questions well after each chapter.

Importance of Biology in our daily lives

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