What drives Indian students to explore off-beat courses abroad

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Gone are the days when students would only choose conventional careers like chartered accountancy or law, and studying abroad was only associated with engineering, medicine, business management, computer, technology, etc. Once considered to be an “elite’s game” only things are far different today. Much of that has changed in the last decade, thanks to the growing awareness among students via social media platforms, career counseling sessions, and the internet. Today’s generation of students is curious and ready to take risks by choosing offbeat courses or career options abroad. These students are actively looking at the prospects of going abroad to study programs other than medicine or engineering.

Attractive off-beat courses

Offbeat courses in Baking and Pastry, Oceanography, Artificial Intelligence, Adventure Education, Virtual Reality, Styling, etc., are increasingly gaining traction amongst Indian students planning their studies overseas. These courses help students differentiate themselves while studying abroad. Most of them prefer to study a particular subject in the country where it originated. For instance, students who want to learn French cuisine choose to study in France, while those interested in Oceanography choose the U.S.A as their study destination, and fashion designing aspirants head to Milan. These courses help them go anywhere they want to be and lay the foundation for a rewarding career in their desired domain.

Reasons, why unconventional courses abroad are attracting Indian students, are aplenty. For beginners, it helps you combine passion with a career that can do wonders for them in the long run. Most Indian students choose global destinations for their jobs because of the quality of the program and curricula offered by foreign universities. Today’s employers hire applicants who not only know science or math but also who can be creatively logical enough to solve complex business problems. You need to be excellent communicators and also confident enough to take risks and look at the bigger picture.

Programs offered by foreign universities are designed to give students the skills and knowledge base to embark on a professional or academic journey in the best possible manner. The spontaneity and excitement of life can only be found abroad as it brings more creativity, inspiration, and imagination to your learning experience. Just like conventional courses, the competition to get admitted to foreign schools is fierce.

Pursuing passion

It may sound an exaggeration as most think only engineering, medicine, and law students have to face cut-throat competition outside India. The case also applies to unconventional programs like bakery science, astrobiology, adventure tourism, etc. With an interest in making a career, in a unique field, getting accepted into a foreign university will accelerate your chances of achieving a prosperous career. What could be a better way to study your passion than the actual place where it was created? Choosing a college that offers world-class education helps you gain a first-hand insight into the ins and outs of the business.

From photography to fashion, styling, and artificial intelligence, students can pick courses and gain employment in the same domain after completing their studies. Stanford University, USA, is renowned for studying artificial intelligence, and every year thousands of students from India travel to the U.S.A. to pursue this course. At the same time, The French Culinary Institute is a premier college for pastry chefs.

Steve Jobs once said, “people with passion can change the world.” This is a phrase that holds the secret key to entrepreneurial success for students who don’t want to settle for less. And so, following your passion in your dream school or college is the only way to build resistance against those who doubt your vision. So, don’t sit back; follow your passions to become an undisputed leader in your field.

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