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AI-driven Zamit announces the world’s first-of-its kind scholarships for future readiness for school students

June 13, 2023

June 12, In a significant development that would boost the future preparedness of school students in India, Zamit, a leading AI-enabled one-stop solution provider for school ecosystem, has announced unique scholarships with an eye on motivating and training students for the challenges of the future. The Zamit Scholarship for Future Readiness is the first such scholarship offered by any school or educational institution anywhere in the world. The scholarship is open to all students in Classes III to XII (aged 8 to 18). The eligible students will win recognition scholarships from the Future Foundation scholarship pool of INR 5,00,000.

In order to qualify for this scholarship, aspiring students have to go through two assessment stages. In the first stage, they will have to take a 40-minute test – with different number of questions meant for different grades of school students – in a pen-and-paper or offline mode. And the top 35% achievers of stage 1 would be invited to participate in stage 2. From among stage 2 participants, top five students in each class will be selected for this scholarship. At the same time, all participants in the first stage will also get benefits such as a certificate of participation, a 4-6 page personalized performance report including ZQ scores based on the world’s first AI-driven, measurable future readiness indexing system, personalized tips on improving ZQ scores and other special offers. 

“Most scholarships announced for school students are either meant to tide them over through their school-going age or help them take some specialized or extra classes or training. However, the Zamit Scholarship for Future Readiness is completely different and even unique. It is aimed at developing, training and equipping school students with cutting-edge skills and capacities that would help them navigate better and with more confidence through their career and indeed life-related challenges of the 21st century. Keeping in mind the increasingly pervasive role of technology combined with the expectations of an incoming VUCA world in the future, the training is set to push students beyond conventional academic confines and improve their technological, analytical and even entrepreneurial skills,” said Mr. Aarul Malaviya, Founder and Director of Zamit.   

“At the same time, while challenging themselves to the fullest, the students would develop essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving and time management, all of which would be critical to the increasingly competitive workplace of tomorrow. And given the importance of English language, they would also be tested for and trained in English language the quality or standard of which would be equivalent to native proficiency,” added Mr Malaviya.

For those interested, the participation fee is Rs 500 (including taxes) for the first stage and Rs 600 (including taxes) for the second stage.

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