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ASFT organises webinar on creative thinking with designer Gaurav Gupta

May 21, 2020

In continuation of its initiative of engaging students and inspiring them with the journey undertaken by industry leaders, Amity School of Fashion Technology (ASFT) under AUUP organised a webinar on ‘Creative Thinking- From the Design to Retail- A conversation with Gaurav Gupta’ that was moderated by Sujata Assomull.

Talking about his inspiring journey with the students Gaurav Gupta stated how he didn’t follow a market but created a market for himself by having a constant dialogue with the demography. “We all should create our own market instead of following others. Making and designing outfits is not only fashioning clothes but also creating a world or universe. Fashion is an artistic business,” he said.

Elaborating on how the global pandemic has affected even the world of fashion, he detailed how there is possibility that fashion shows will never be same like before. “There will be virtual shows and the feelings and reactions would be totally different. There is a vast difference between seeing actual shows and watching recorded shows. The audience reaction which you can get in actual show cannot be seen in virtual shows, which is a major drawback,” added Gupta.

Talking about his craft, Gupta discussed how the collection of one’s work reflects where they are in life. He also added that after every show he makes it a point to watch the video recording and tries to find the mistakes made and learn from them – “We are only perfectionist if we learn from mistakes. There is no final destination but only the journey path is there. There is politics in every field but when you are unstoppable then there is nothing that can hold you back.”

He also advised students to work in places that gave them admiration and also have varied work experience for holistic growth. He also guided students to not be in a hurry to grow as it may cause more harm. He asked students to spend 4-5 years in working with various departments and get enriched in every aspect of the field they choose.  

He recommended students to fully utilize the opportunity in this phase. “Lockdown is not a holiday and not a time to be lazy. It is the time given by destiny to explore you. You have to motivate yourself and face your fear and challenge. This is the time to find your identity,” stated Mr. Gupta.

Divya Chauhan, Chairperson ASFT, ASFA & ASPA said that students of Amity are working hard to utilise this time and are loyal towards their learning.

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