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Technology, when used selectively, can make teaching-learning fun and more effective. Although we believe more in a practical mode of teaching rather than solely relying on technology; however, through the selective integration of technology in teaching-learning, we have been able to take the learning experience a notch higher. 

For example, a paper recycling machine/unit has been set up to make the best use of waste or used paper. Then, there is a shooting range in our school to help children learn how to focus on their target. Beside, the school also has a CMP and an AV room where students can watch videos or receive hands-on training on projectors.

Moreover, to provide uninterrupted learning for students during the COVID-19 era, the school had set up full-fledged computer systems in each classroom for the convenience of teachers and for improving the online learning experience of students. 

Life skills/soft skills programmes for students

As a school, we have always aimed to provide practical and hands-on learning to our students. The school believes that good character and behaviour are more important than academic achievements. Therefore, we have introduced various programmes for students which focus on their development as individuals. The True North programme is a complete character building programme. Besides this, life skills and soft skills are intrinsic components of our curriculum. 

Life skills – Students are introduced to different life skills through practical training designed according to their grade and age group. The skills are then revisited from time to time. 

Soft skills –  Various public speaking activities are conducted using podiums in each classroom. Children are encouraged to perform theatre acts integrated with their ongoing lessons to help them overcome stage fear. 

Masti Ki Pathshala is another classroom learning concept wherein the teachers and parents play the role of students. All the students teach their parents in their classroom just like their teachers do. They use the chalk and talk method, IT corner, the outdoor garden section, music and theatre to explain the chapter thoroughly. The chalk and talk method involves students explaining the topic by writing on the green board and drawing pictures related to the various terms. 

Apart from the chalk and talk method, students use role play, music, the writing corner, art corner and IT corner to explain the concept. This unique teaching-learning method is a delight for the parents and students alike and helps boost the confidence of students.

ATS Valley School has always been committed to holistic development of a child – both academically and personally. Our primary focus is on making each child a good and civilised human being and an independent and capable individual.

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