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BJP seeks Bihar CM’s resignation over women’s education remarks on population control

November 8, 2023

The BJP strongly criticized Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for his statements on women’s education and its relation to controlling population growth, labeling his remarks as “misogynistic, vulgar, and patriarchal.” The party urged his resignation.

During a session in the state assembly, Kumar illustrated how an educated woman might manage her husband’s actions during sexual intercourse, asserting it could result in fewer births due to the woman’s ability to control the situation.

Reacting to Kumar’s comments, Union Minister Ashwini Kumar Choubey condemned the remarks as shameful and suggested that the Chief Minister seek medical assistance, hinting at mental instability.

BJP national spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla criticized Kumar’s language as vulgar, indecent, and anti-women, demanding his resignation. He expressed concerns about the impact of such language on the women of Bihar and accused Kumar of being influenced by the RJD.

Poonawalla also questioned the silence of other political leaders on Kumar’s remarks, insinuating their endorsement of his statements. He further accused Deputy Chief Minister Tejaswi Yadav of minimal education and condemned his defense of Kumar’s comments.

Yadav defended Kumar, stating that the remarks should be viewed in the context of sex education taught in schools. Congress MLA Neetu Devi, part of the ruling alliance, defended Kumar’s intentions, claiming he meant no harm, while BJP‘s Rajya Sabha MP Vivek Thakur criticized Kumar’s statements as indecent and suggested he seek medical help.

Thakur highlighted the need for the Chief Minister to undergo treatment due to what he viewed as a lack of control over his speech, insinuating that such behavior was making Bihar an object of ridicule on a global scale.

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