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Centa TPO 2021 Winners

EducationWorld February 2023 | Spotlight Feature

The announcement of the CENTA® International Teaching Professionals Olympiad (TPO) 2021 results was enthusiastically welcomed by educators and school managements globally. Promoted and organised by the Bengaluru-based Centre for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA) Pvt. Ltd (estb.2014), a company that assesses, certifies and trains teachers and school leaders, the Centa TPO 2021 attracted 35,000 entries from over 6,000 locations and 8,500 schools and organisations. While the Prelims were held throughout the year, the finals were conducted on February 27, 2022. A total of 137 teachers and five school leaders were announced winners across categories including national ranks and individual subject ranks. In the teachers’ category, special awards were announced for teachers of government schools and budget private schools, and those pursuing a degree in education. Just like the previous seven editions of the competition, Centa TPO 2021 was supported by distinguished partners that reward the winners – these include Reliance Foundation (cash awards worth Rs 20 lacs), EducationWorld (profiling of winners), The University of Buckingham (Certificate of Teaching Excellence + be part of Action Research Project), Oxford University Press (online teaching modules), and digital badges and certificates from CENTA. Prizes for institutions with the highest number of winners were won by Shiv NadarSchools, followed by Takshila Education Society. The CENTA TPO is a two-stage online international competition for teachers. In the prelims for CENTA TPO 2021, teachers were required to answer 50 MCQs in 90 mins and upload two videos that tested their Applied Verbal Communication abilities. Further, candidates took a subjective test and completed a video assessment in the Finals. Candidates prepared for a range of subjects — 21 tracks ranging from ECE to senior secondary grades, and a track for School Leaders. 

Arnab Chaudhary

Arnab Chaudhary

Arnab Choudhury
English teacher, St. Francis De Sales School, Guwahati
Subject: English #1

An alum of Delhi, Jamia Millia and Magadh (Bodh Gaya) universities, Arnab Choudhury acquired close to a decade of teaching experience at Trinity Global School, Patna and St Francis de Sales School, Guwahati. “I am in disbelief, shock and happily surprised. Ecstatic euphoria. Writing the TPO over the years has allowed me to deeply reflect on my teaching practices. Now that I have cracked the TPO, I will be perceived as more reliable in my current professional circles and even be considered for newer opportunities. While I wish to continue teaching, my focus will be on adopting contemporary teaching methods, creating better classroom environments and making meaningful connections with my students and colleagues.”

Ivaturi Bharathi

Ivaturi Bharathi

Ivaturi Aditya Satya Bharathi
High school teacher (biological sciences), Zilla Praja Parishad High School, Thondavaram
Teacher: Government school #1

An education alumnus of Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning, Prashanti Nilayam, Ivaturi Aditya Satya Bharathi has acquired 11 years of teach-ing experience at Zilla Praja Parishad High School, Thondavaram. “I am honoured by this recognition in my very first attempt. I have always believed that teachers should be competent to take tests and set examples for the children they teach. CENTA TPO has given me a wonderful opportunity to know where I stand, what I lack and how to improve. During my decade-long career as a high school teacher, I have seen students from rural backgrounds struggling to compete with their urban counterparts. My humble effort has been to keep encouraging them to sign up for online tests such as the Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan and Educational Epiphany Merit test etc.”

Radhika Srinivasan

Dr. Radhika Srinivasan
Principal, The Shri Ram Universal School, Palava
School Leader: #1

A postgraduate in bio-chemistry, environmental science, ecology and education who pressed on to study for her Ph.D. (education) from Mumbai University, Dr. Radhika Srinivasan has acquired close to three decades of teaching and admin experience. “Winning the #1 School Leader award was a pleasant surprise. As a school leader, the impact of this achievement is to emphasize the value and the advantages of the program and to lead by example. I hope to further the noble vision and mission of CENTA — to make teaching aspirational and provide my inputs wherever required to make TPO the tool of choice for benchmarking and enhancing teacher quality across institutions. I have thoroughly enjoyed being associated with CENTA. More power to them!”

Jayshree Iyer

Jaishree Iyer
Legal studies/social science teacher, DPS Pune
Subject: #1

A professionally qualified advocate with two decades of varied experience, Jaishree Iyer chose to switch tracks and follow her passion for teaching legal studies to school children. “I feel honoured and blessed. It is a great feeling to be recognised as part of the committed and competent teachers’ community. Preparing for the TPO involved plenty of reading and upgrading teaching proficiency and subject knowledge. It helped me discover a number of global best practices. My focus now will be to make a difference in teaching-learning practices by working under the NEP-2020 (learning beyond textbooks) guidelines.”

Vasundhara Panchal

Vasundhara Panchal

Vasunddhra Panchal
English Middle Years Educator, Centa-Manipal PGCP programme
Subject: #1

During her career spanning over two decades, Vasunddhra Panchal has served in many roles in education including behaviour counselor, national audit and teacher trainer for schools, communication skills trainer for corporates, or speaker/facilitator for early years and effective English communication. “To be ranked #1 was a pleasant surprise for me. It was a euphoric unveiling online ceremony. Having completed a flagship program with CENTA Mahe on PGCP Future Teaching, I wanted to complete my cycle of learning and assessments with CENTA. Hence I participated as an English Middle Year Educator to know my rank for career advancement. Appearing for the TPO was a conscious choice towards enhancing my capacities for future teaching. My subject knowledge improved in the process. I now intend to work with IB schools for progressive growth of my competence levels.”

Neeta Duggal

Neeta Duggal
Senior school English teacher, Shiv Nadar School, Gurugram
Subject: #1

A graduate of Delhi University, Neeta Duggal has acquired teaching experience at Shiv Nadar School, Gurugram. “I was elated and beaming with pride when I learnt I was declared a topper. Centa’s TPO is a platform which brings wide recognition and opportunities which I am grateful for. Writing the TPO validates the work we do with our students throughout the year. Just the act of writing the TPO is also an opportunity to reflect on our subject content and the best practices we have developed with our experience. Even within my school community, my achievement has given me more confidence to take on new and more responsible roles. I have been and plan to continue to encourage my colleagues to attend webinars offered by CENTA as a part of their personal pathway of professional development.”

Nisha Mohsin

Nisha Mohsin
Middle school English teacher/supervisor, GEMS Legacy School, Dubai
Subject: #1

An education and business management graduate, Nisha Mohsin began her career as a primary school teacher who has over
the years been promoted to middle school teacher who also serves as educational supervisor at GEMS Legacy School, Dubai. “I am delighted to be recognised on this international platform. This achievement has motivated me to work harder and become inspirational for my students. Preparing for it and writing the exam has helped me boost my confidence. I want to see my career progress as an educator and aspire to further step up to the next level of hierarchy over the next five years.”

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