Creating Smart and Healthy Classrooms with Interactive Flat Panels

EducationWorld April 2022 | Spotlight Feature

The Interactive Flat Panel (Interactive Display, Interactive Whiteboard or SmartBoard) is a technology that assists both teachers and students by providing them with an interactive and collaborative learning environment.

Interactive Flat Panel is a great tool that offers many collaboration opportunities with new technology that allows for better learning. It has upgraded whiteboard features and cloud storage that supports easy data management.

Invisible Risks Exist in Classrooms
There are multiple health risks that exist in classrooms, such as poor air quality and germ accumulation among others. When risks like these are prevalent, it can affect learning efficiency. On average, each student is absent for 8.1 days during an academic year, with illnesses accounting for 52 percent of all specified absences. Even the smallest steps can help to make a difference in cutting down the number of sick leave that students are compelled to take.

BenQ’s ClassroomCare® technologies cover everything from eye care and germ resistance to CO2 monitoring, creating safe and healthy spaces for students and teachers.

Eye disorders happen to be the most common long-term health problem that children experience, with more than 411,000 cases of eye disorders reported in India. The ClassroomCare® Interactive Flat Panel aims to help lower these numbers.

ClassroomCare® is a staple for all schools that aims to increase learning efficiency. Reducing the number of health-related risks in a classroom can do wonders for productivity. Between reduced absences, higher concentration levels and easy-on-the-eye screens that can be viewed for a longer period of time without causing fatigue, the ClassroomCare® Interactive Flat Panel has the capabilities to take your school’s learning environment to the next level.

Germ resistant screen
TUV certified, this germ-resistant screen features a nano ionic silver agent which eliminates almost all germs. This feature is effective even after intense cleaning or long periods of use. An interactive touch screen is an easy way to spread illness, but with an in-built germ protector, children will maintain good health and bring down the number of absentees in class to increase productivity.
Being able to focus fully on the lessons at hand instead of potential illnesses in and out of the classroom, productivity rates in schools will have the potential to go through the roof.

A smarter solution that provides eye care
Children can suffer eye problems at a very young age due to the large number of screens that they are constantly being exposed to. To save children from the dangers of blue light and glare, limited screen time is recommended to reduce the risk of developing eye disorders.

The ClassroomCare® Interactive Flat Panel is a TUV certified flicker-free screen, and functions with a motion sensor. The low blue light feature also allows students to spend substantial time in front of the screen, which can help boost productivity. Additionally, the anti-glare feature reduces reflections and makes the screen easier to focus on for longer periods, increasing the amount of time that can be spent looking at the screen.

The ClassroomCare® Interactive Flat Panel is the perfect collaboration tool to share content and easily manage data through cloud storage. Learn more about the ClassroomCare® Interactive Flat Panel today.

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