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Delhi University Alters History Syllabus, Sparks Controversy

August 11, 2023

In a significant move, Delhi University has announced revisions to its history syllabus, sparking discussions on social media and within academic circles. The term ‘Brahmanisation’ has been dropped from the curriculum, and a paper addressing inequality has been withdrawn.

The decision to remove the term ‘Brahmanisation’ has been met with mixed reactions. Advocates argue that it helps promote a more inclusive and balanced historical perspective, while critics express concerns over potential erasure of historical context. The university maintains that the change aims to ensure a well-rounded representation of India’s complex history.

Simultaneously, the withdrawal of a paper addressing inequality has raised eyebrows. The decision has ignited debates about the role of academia in addressing social issues. Some argue that such topics are crucial for understanding the nation’s history, while others claim that these discussions often lead to unnecessary controversies.

The university administration has assured that these changes are the result of careful deliberation and aim to provide students with a comprehensive yet balanced understanding of history. The revisions will come into effect from the upcoming academic year, leaving many eager to see how the modifications will impact the learning experience.

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