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Do it now! Get Expressive With a Display Board

Its school time again, with lists and pamphlets and reminders that clutter your space. Nothing is handier than a personalised bulletin board to put it all up.
You will need:

Corrugated cardboard/Thick cardboard
Thick chart paper
Broad satin ribbon for the border
Decorative stuff

How to do it:

1. Cut a piece of corrugated cardboard in the size you want, and cut the fabric three inches longer than the cardboard.

2. Stretch the fabric tightly across the cardboard and glue it to the back.

3. Allow time for drying. Then stick satin ribbon along the outer edges to create a frame. Decorate the frame with sequins, glitter glue or coloured stones.

4. Cut out alphabets that spell your name from the chart paper.

Paint or decorate each alphabet and stick your name on the top of the bulletin board.

5. Now fix rope, or cloth tape to the back and hang up your board. Or use double-sided tape to fix it to the wall or a wardrobe door.

Handy hints

If sticking is messy, pin the fabric neatly to the cardboard.

Make one for your classroom and gift it to your teacher on the first day of school!

-Anitha Bennett

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