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Education in the times of Covid-19

EducationWorld April 2020 | Spotlight Feature

Crisis is a state wherein everyone gets the chance to extract opportunity to make the best use of time. It is in these moments that we get chance to test our own abilities. We become potentially strong to grab the opportunity presented to us through the Almighty. One should always be strong enough to change with changing times.

In wake of global outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) effecting all, it has become very challenging for everyone, especially the schools to continue with their primary job of educating the children and letting them be the growth regulators of self by attending the regular school. The school has to follow rigid framework of curriculum which needs to be addressed sincerely and under set time. Here I feel the advent of technology is indeed a boon in the modern scenario. In order to not to let the children be at loss, the school has a wonderful tool of internet which can connect the school with their students at home or anywhere else in the world.

Google and Microsoft which act as fabulous connecting link with a number of people all over the world. I feel every wise school can extract the opportunity out of challenging situation and the one who adopts the smart choice always leads the crowd. By taking the advantage of Microsoft Education, Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom platforms, the schools can arrange live webinars wherein the teachers can connect with the students and deliver the lectures so that the students use their time constructively and don’t face the loss of studies. I must say here the lectures delivered online generate attendance automatically so there is a clear record of those attending the lectures and a strict check can be made. Moreover this online facility can also record the lectures for future reference or for those who are unable to login for whatever reasons, so I feel in this time of crisis one must walk hand in hand with the changes and adopt the best alternative method which can be fair enough to handle the situation.

In this context I feel really fortunate that Mount Abu School went online, the very first day when the schools were ordered for closure. I could see the enthusiasm on the face of children who were eager to listen to their teachers for coping up with the time intelligently. The School is a “Microsoft Showcase School” and teachers are well versed with all aspects o f Microsoft and thus seamlessly designed and uploaded the graded assignments and project titles with help of Microsoft forms so that children can be in touch with their study pattern and be moreover well prepared when they return to school. Teachers are also in regular touch with parents through school’s snapapp portal.

Times can sometimes become taxing but as Indians, we have always shown a win win situation in all adverse situations. So this time also we shall overcome and cope up well. The only thing one needs is the zeal and passion which can trigger the process and I feel every educator is full of such fervour especially when it is the time to think about children.

I hope this testing time will also pass with the grace of God and we shall return to normal with children coming to school with gleam in eyes and smile on faces. Till then, keep washing hands and practice social distancing.

Jyoti Arora, Principal, Mount Abu Public School Rohini, New Delhi

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