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Ex-bureaucrats slam Sanjeev Sanyal’s civil services exam remarks as ‘absurd’

March 28, 2024

Former bureaucrats criticized Sanjeev Sanyal’s remarks on civil services exam preparation, calling them “absurd” and “avoidable.” Sanyal suggested that spending five to eight years preparing for the exam is a waste of youthful energy. However, critics argue that aspiring civil servants contribute significantly to nation-building. They emphasized the importance of services like the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and the Indian Police Service (IPS) in India’s development. While some agreed partially with Sanyal, suggesting a limit on exam attempts, others disagreed, highlighting the credibility and transparency of the civil services examination process. Overall, they believe that preparing for the civil services is not a waste of energy, but rather a valuable contribution to the nation’s progress and governance.

Sanyal’s comments sparked reactions from former bureaucrats, with many expressing disagreement. G Sundaram, a retired IAS officer, criticized the remarks as “absurd” and emphasized the importance of civil services in India’s unity and progress. Similarly, S K Sarkar, a former secretary of the Department of Personnel and Training, disagreed with Sanyal’s assertion, stating that civil services aspirants play a crucial role in nation-building.

Sanjeev Chopra, another former bureaucrat, expressed his disagreement with Sanyal’s views, stating that criticizing youths aspiring to be civil servants is inappropriate. He emphasized the diverse career aspirations of individuals and highlighted the significance of civil services in governance and societal development.

Kiran Puri, a retired Central Secretariat Service officer, emphasized the necessity of academically strong individuals joining the civil services for the country’s development. She highlighted the need for the best minds to contribute to governance and national progress.

Former Chief Election Commissioner SY Quraishi partially agreed with Sanyal, acknowledging the long preparation period for civil services exams. However, he suggested limiting the number of attempts to ensure fairness in the examination process.

On the other hand, serving IPS officer Pankaj Chaudhary disagreed with Sanyal’s remarks, asserting the credibility and transparency of the civil services examination. He emphasized the importance of civil services as a role model for youth and criticized Sanyal’s comments as unwarranted.

In summary, while there were varied opinions on Sanyal’s remarks, many former bureaucrats expressed disagreement, emphasizing the importance of civil services in nation-building and governance.

Source: PTI

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