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Fun quiz for kids

Fun quiz for kidsAccording to the experts, children learn faster through fun-based activities. Hence, what better way than serving them with intellectual menu through interesting general knowledge quizzes. The kids will definitely give a listening ear, and will also learn more. Weekends are quite good for these interesting quizzes. We bring to you ten easy and fun general knowledge questions and answers.

Q: What only comes down but never goes up?


A: Rain

Q: In all months in a year which month has 28 days or more?


A: All months in a year have 28 days and more.

Q: If you drop a yellow hat in the red sea what does it became ?


A: It will not become red. But rather the hat will become wet.

Q: What is middle of Paris?


A: R

Q: Which word is spelt wrong in every dictionary?


A: Wrong, what else could it be.

Q: On a menu what is Bombay Duck?


A: Fish

Q: What is a Blue Whale’s heart the same size as?

blue whale

  1. A small car

Q: Which is the biggest spider in the world?


A: The tarantula and it is believed to live in the Amazon basin.

Q: On a normal computer keyboard with which number does * share a key?

computer keyboard

A: 8

Q: Who was the first Twitter user to reach 20 million followers?

Lady Gaga Twitter

A: The famous singer Lady Gaga, who recently won an Academy award

Q: What animal can run the fastest: an elephant, squirrel or a mouse?


A: Actually it is an elephant because it can reach a speed of 40km/hr(25 mph), while the squirrel can reach a speed of 20 mph and a mouse can reach till 7 mph.

Q: Which fruit is the most popular and most consumed in the world?


A: Bananas – more than 40 tons of bananas are consumed annually.

Q: Which singing voice is the highest pitch? Soprano, tenor or baritone?


A: Soprano

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