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Government forms panel to safeguard SC interests: Sources

January 19, 2024

On Friday, sources revealed the establishment of a high-level committee tasked with examining administrative measures to safeguard the interests of scheduled caste communities, particularly the Madigas. The committee, chaired by the cabinet secretary, aims to address concerns about the uneven distribution of benefits within the Scheduled Castes, where comparatively more affluent and influential groups have overshadowed the most disadvantaged communities.

This initiative follows directives from the prime minister, indicating a commitment to ensuring fairness and equity in the allocation of benefits among scheduled caste communities. Those communities, notably the Madigas, have expressed dissatisfaction, asserting that they are not receiving their due share of benefits.

The committee, known as the Committee of Secretaries, will play a pivotal role in evaluating and recommending administrative steps to address the concerns raised by scheduled caste communities. Comprising secretaries from various key ministries, including the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Department of Personnel and Training, the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, the Department of Legal Affairs, and the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, the committee brings together diverse expertise to tackle this complex issue.

The significance of this committee lies in its mandate to review the existing administrative framework and propose necessary adjustments to ensure a more equitable distribution of benefits. By acknowledging the disparities within the Scheduled Castes and prioritizing the concerns of less privileged communities like the Madigas, the government demonstrates a commitment to social justice and inclusive development.

The inaugural meeting of the Committee of Secretaries is scheduled for Tuesday, marking the beginning of a comprehensive examination of administrative measures aimed at safeguarding the interests and ensuring fair treatment for all scheduled caste communities. This proactive approach aligns with broader efforts to address socio-economic disparities and create a more inclusive environment for marginalized communities within the country.

Source: PTI

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