How Can Web Hosting Drive Traffic to Your Educational Website

How Can Web Hosting Drive Traffic to Your Educational Website

While countries are at their different phases from the pandemic that affected the world last year. Students and teachers across the world were at a standstill due to the rise of the deadly virus. There has been a shift in many organizational institutes that have adopted online teaching. While the conveniences of technology advancement have made an impact on education, it has helped in providing quality education. For instance, students can view assignments, syllabus, projects, school or college news, etc all on the institute’s website.

Educational web development is not just limited to institutional websites, but it extends to many stand-alone educational websites such as digital libraries, language learning websites, web documentaries, science websites, and so on.

This has been made possible with web hosting services. Web hosting is actually one of the developments that have been beneficial to teachers and students. It is a technology that helps you view your website on the internet. A reliable web hosting server will have a huge impact on educational websites as it brings ease as well as improves the performance of the website. Get your website the best host that it deserves on They compare and review the best hosting services that meets all your needs. 

What is Web Hosting?

Website hosting provides allows you to publish your data and website applications on the internet. When your website is made available on the internet, people across the world can access your site through other computers. When you sign up for a hosting provider, you rent a space on a physical server where all your files and necessary data for your website are stored.

Once all your files and data required on your site are stored on your hosting company’s server. Whenever a searcher types in your domain on search engines such as Google, on a web browser, the server sends these files to that particular web browser. Then that user will have access to your website. Basically, your educational website is a bunch of different files, images, and videos.

Types of web host

Having a reliable web hosting service is vital for any website to reach its optimum, which is driving traffic to your site. No matter your niche, the goal of every site is to get maximum clicks and rank high on search engines. So choosing a hosting provider is important as they come with different plans and services. The most popular type of hosting are:

  • Shared
  • Dedicated
  • VPS
  • Cloud

How does web hosting help?

Today, we will look at how a web hosting provider helps your educational website receive more traffic:

  • Website performance optimization – Google uses your webpage speed as a ranking factor in both desktop and mobile results, so it is important that your site’s loading speed is fast. Since students are more active on smart devices, optimize your website to be mobile-friendly which can help in driving in more traffic.
  • Web Design – Most hosting providers provide a basic web design and structure with the plan. Being one of the most important parts of building a website, make sure that your site is clean, attractive, and creates an excellent user experience.
  • Reliable uptime – If students are unable to view your site, it is possible that they will move on to another. Having good web hosting will help you maintain a good uptime so that your server never goes down.
  • Efficient hosting types – Due to money budget by many organizations or institutes, web hosting providers offer discounts and even free services to those in education. They create a flexible path online with the different types of hosts available. With several hosting services available in the market you can choose a provider that fits your website needs.
  • Server locations – An excellent web hosting service have secured server networks, established data centers, and updated equipment to keep your website accessible 24/7 for students and teachers to visit.
  • Customer Support – Good quality customer support does not affect your website ranking but it signals search engines that your educational site is reliable. The more people visit your site, the more authority you gain which adds value to your site.
  • Security – Losing all your data can be one of the worse things that can happen to you. Certain steps can be taken to protect your website from cybercriminals or hackers. Web hosting providers regularly back up data in a secure location. There have been cases where exam papers have been hacked from school or college servers. A good host will provide the best security in keeping your data safe.


Ever since the pandemic online classes have become the new trend in many institutes, and seems like this will continue for a while. So it is important to create a website that leads to a positive user experience. Only those that check all the boxes in search engines ranking factors are those which will drive more traffic to their site.

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