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EducationWorld November 2023 | Spotlight Feature

ROY_2038“The best way to make children good is to make them happy”-Oscar Wilde

At St Karen’s we know this to be true as our focus has always been on our students and what makes them happy and confident. We believe in teaching our young ones the Golden Rule-where ‘treating others the way you would like to be treated’ gets them to understand easily how ‘giving to get’ and ‘caring to share’ is the way to grow and play together. We like to define our School Culture thus: ‘We’re a Happy School that Follows the Golden Rule.”

Our founders started the school in 1965 where the focus has always been on providing a nurturing environment where little learners are taught with love. This is one of our guiding principles where in continuation with the legacy of sixty years, the primary focus in St. Karen’s is always on creating a strong foundation for students at the kindergarten and primary levels. We prioritize cognitive, social, emotional, and physical growth, ensuring a well-rounded foundation for our little learners. The school is committed to groom its young students in etiquette, good handwriting and nurturing a love for effective communication through development of Literacy, Numeracy and Spoken English.

Anyone who teachers 3–6-year-olds knows that the success of teaching this age group lies in building up a caring classroom where creativity and versatility go hand in hand. Our skillful teachers who follow our well researched pedagogy adapt to their learners’ needs; deftly weaving music and movement, fine motor and gross motor skill activities, storytelling and imaginative play into carefully crafted lessons that suit the learning styles of eager but temperamental students.

Starting right from the first steps of Foundational Learning we strive to keep to our Vision at St Karen’s which is to create a Joyful Learning experience through a sustainable education-one where even junior Karenites can understand how to ‘positively contribute to society and become active and responsible citizens of the country.’ We aim to give our students a unique blend of Strong Foundation and skills that prepares them to keep pace with the ever- evolving landscape of education.

Mrs Sharon Galstaun
Academic Director
St. Karen’s Group of schools.

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