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Changing lifestyles and habits are making kids susceptible to a number of health hazards. Here are some common habits that can be dangerous, and suggestions to overcome them.

Source: Dr. Prasanna Rao, Paediatrician, VPR Clinic, Chennai

Common lifestyle habits

What you can encourage/ do

Problems avoided


Early to school without breakfast, barely enough time to use the toilet

Never skip breakfast. Try wheat bread, fruits and and veggies.

Constipation, ulcers

Pressure from teachers, peers and parents

Prepare an organized study schedule. Don’t pressurize the children; motivate them

Stress, depression


Letting children snack out in the school canteen, on instant foods

Pack home-made food, with minimal oil sugar

Obesity, food allergies, stomach infections, digestion problems


Eating full packs of biscuits, junk food, packaged foods, aerated soft and/or packaged juices.

Offer fruits, home roasted nuts.Serve packaged foods only once a week

Obesity, diabetes, hypertension

Video games/ television

Restrict time for such activities and insist on daily outdoor play

Tired eyes, neck and back pain

Study under pressure from stressed-out parents

Minimise parent and peer pressure

Stress, low confidence and self esteem


Late nights and partying

Regulate and ration late nights by encouraging family activities

Insomnia, sleep deprivation

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