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Making summer holidays meaningful

PW invited parents of The Chintels School, Kanpur to share their thoughts on how they plan to make this summer meaningful for their children

Dr. Swati Chopra, scientist, DRDO

“After much thought, we have drawn up a summer routine for my son — Raghav (class I) — packed with activities yet ensuring limited digital screen time.

The day begins with swimming, a rigorous physical activity, followed by healthy breakfast, prepared together. Post breakfast till lunch is reading time with A Story A Day and some academic reading. Meeting friends and short city tours are planned for the afternoon. Then it’s time to spend with grandparents, praying and meditating together with them. To wrap up, its chess and football classes every evening” — Dr. Swati Chopra, scientist, DRDO

Priya Kapoor

“Our goal is to prioritise family bonding through mealtime conversations, game nights, and family trips for creating lasting memories. We believe these activities will provide opportunities to our son Ishaan (class I) for meaningful interaction, laughter, and building bonds that strengthen family ties. Whether it’s cooking, playing board games, or exploring new places together, these shared experiences contribute to a sense of belonging and connection within the family unit” — Priya Kapoor, homemaker

Swapna Sagar, entrepreneur.

“Last winter we planned a family outing to the cities of palaces and forts — Udaipur and Jaipur. This year, we are all set to spend our summer holidays amid the scenic beauty of the North-East — primarily Assam and Meghalaya. By travelling together as a family and exploring new places, we believe our children — Aarika (class I) and Samarth (class VII) — will learn to build stronger relationships, improve communication skills, and learn about the world around us” — Swapna Sagar, entrepreneur.

Pragya Rastogi

“This summer I intend to enroll my daughter — Myra class (VII) — in a variety of sports and co-curricular activities to ensure her physical and mental growth and high productivity. Our goal is to help develop her public speaking, creative writing, and dancing skills to a level that makes her feel confident and happy. Moreover, I always encourage my daughter to explore new, creative and fun activities in her field of learning to make her summer productive and joyful” — Pragya Rastogi, homemaker

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