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Medical colleges may lose recognition, 40 already penalised

June 13, 2023

Medical education is essential for creating health care professionals who can cater to the growing population’s needs. Medical colleges are facing a severe challenge of retaining their recognition due to distinct reasons, which could lead to a significant downfall in the healthcare system. According to the recent research, about 150 medical colleges in India are at a risk of losing their recognition by the National Medical Commission, and 40 have already been penalized.

The list of colleges that are on the list of NMC’s radar are Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Assam, Gujarat, Puducherry. There were many faults that were found out during a survey conducted by the Undergraduate Medical Education Board of the Commission. During the survey it was found out that some colleges did not follow the norms set by the NMC’s, and some failures related to CCTV cameras were found.

One of the primary reasons for colleges losing their recognition is the academic standards shortfall. As per the National Medical Commission, which governs the functioning of medical colleges and oversees their activities, it has set several guidelines and standards that colleges must adhere to. These standards are meant to ensure that students receive adequate and sufficient education to become competent medical professionals.

The lack of infrastructure and facilities is another crucial aspect that affects the quality of medical education. Many medical colleges lack modern facilities, leading to a sub-standard level of education and training for medical students.

The shortage of faculty members with relevant expertise and experience is also a prevalent issue in colleges. In many cases, faculty members are overburdened with additional duties and responsibilities which affect their ability to teach and train students adequately.


As per the government data, there has been a rapid increase in medical colleges since 2014. The loss of recognition for medical colleges could lead to the closure of these colleges, which would result in a shortage of medical professionals, leading to a decline in healthcare services quality.

Derecognition of these 150 medical colleges may trigger a crisis for the country, where the number of medical seats and colleges are insufficient. The medical colleges have the option to appeal. The first appeal by the medical colleges can be done at the NMC within 30 days. If their appeal is rejected, they can reach out to the Union Ministry of Health.

The loss of recognition for medical colleges has become a major concern in India. It is imperative that necessary steps are taken to address the issue of ensuring that medical colleges are of high quality.

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