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Mount Carmel College Bengaluru to admit male students from 2024

January 6, 2024

Mount Carmel College (Autonomous) made a significant announcement on January 4, stating that all undergraduate and postgraduate courses would now be open to male students. Applications are invited from eligible students for the upcoming academic year. While some postgraduate courses were initially opened to boys in 2015, this marks the first time that all courses are accessible to them.

Suma Singh, the Registrar of Academics at Mount Carmel College, explained that the decision to admit boys aligns with the institution’s plans and aims to enhance diversity on campus. In 2015, the college sought and received permission from the Bangalore University Academic Council to admit male students. Subsequently, in 2016, a few postgraduate programs were made available to male students, and currently, the college has 19 boys on campus.

Despite the historic shift, the decision has faced criticism from certain students and alumni. Some expressed concerns about the perceived sense of security being compromised, as the college was one of the few all-girl colleges in Bengaluru for nearly seven decades. The sentiment is that studying in a women’s college offers unique advantages, and the decision may affect the education of those who chose Mount Carmel College specifically for its all-women environment.

An anonymous MA English Course student voiced her concerns, emphasizing the secure atmosphere the college provided. Critics argue that the change may impact the legacy of women who contributed to the college over its 75-year history. Social media platforms saw a mixed response, with some expressing disappointment and others humorously creating memes depicting boys celebrating the decision. The move marks a significant transition for Mount Carmel College and has sparked discussions about the evolving dynamics of gender representation in educational institutions.

Source: The Hindu

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