Parents juggle almost 16 different ‘jobs’ for children

A survey covering 2,000 parents in the UK has found that a majority of them juggle about 16 different ‘jobs’ for their children everyday including those of cleaner, teacher, chef, taxi driver, doctor and even negotiator. It’s estimated that parents perform seven different tasks for their children before 9 a.m and another nine between lunch and bedtime. More than six in 10 parents are taxi drivers, ferrying their children to school, clubs and friends’ houses ten times every week. And they put on the teacher’s hat for three hours per week to help children complete homework.

The survey conducted by Curry’s PC World highlights that 83 percent of parents interviewed believed that parents must excel in multiple jobs, 78 percent reckoned their multi-tasking skills improved since they had children, and 57 percent admitted to turning to Google for answers to many parenting challenges.

The top ten job roles parents juggle with are: cleaner, teacher, chef, taxi driver, counsellor, doctor, bank manager, events planner, negotiator and delivery woman.

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