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PHealth Early Childhood Development Training

Product description

The PHealth early childhood development training is a solution offered for teachers to enable them to learn, identify and manage various problems that young children face.

Phealth assists teachers to LEARN about developmental milestones, behavioral disorders, emotional problems and assists in counseling students and promoting effective communication with parents.

PHealth helps IDENTIFY various problems such as separation anxiety, social withdrawal, autism, mental retardation, stress and anxiety.

PHealth assist teachers to MANAGE and maintain classroom decorum; manage medical and psychological referrals, temper tantrums, attention deficient hyperactive disorder (ADHD) and denial in parents etc.

Price: Available on Request

Unique Features

This module from PHealth Solutions offers comprehensive training to teachers on how to identify and manage various problems that the young children face in this new and competitive world. It also guides the teachers on how to assist children suffering stress and other psychological problems at the initial stages.

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