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“We have this unfortunate situation where everybody from the Supreme Court to the Central government wants to ‘regulate’ the media. People, aam janata, by and large are tired and sniggering at us.”

Veteran journalist Shekhar Gupta on status of divided news media (Business Standard, October 10)

“We are encouraging students, professionals to stay back and work in India rather than settling abroad. The new National Education Policy will help us with this by making our roots stronger. Stay in India should be our motive through which we can achieve our Prime Minister’s vision of Aatmanirbhar Bharat. NEP will bring in a new era in India’s education — from access to assessment, inclusion to integration that will facilitate education right from the primary level to higher education in the country.”- Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal, Union HRD minister, speaking at IIT-Roorkee (October 13)

“Seven decades ago, the Dalit icon, B.R. Ambedkar called the Indian village a ‘sink of localism, a den of ignorance, narrow-mindedness and communalism’. Not much has changed since then, except that our population has quadrupled. Dalits, especially Dalit women, are the worst sufferers of our unjust society.” – Editor Aroon Purie on the Hathras (UP) gang-rape outrage of September 14 (India Today, October 19)

“Every day she would gather in a classroom with women from several other cells, where they would have to study ‘Xi Jinping Thought’. As they left, guards would ask them, ‘Is there a God?’ A ‘yes’ would earn a beating.” – Narrative of religiously persecuted Uighur Muslim woman in China (The Economist, October 26)

“The vision of India’s new educational system has been crafted to ensure that it touches the life of each and every citizen consistent with their needs and necessities besides creating a just and equitable society.” – Dr. K. Kasturirangan, former chairman of ISRO, on NEP 2020 (The New Indian Express, October 31)

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