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Uttar Pradesh: Teacher goes extra mile to enroll nomadic children in school

January 8, 2024

In Bajhera village, a primary school teacher, Sita Trivedi, has achieved a significant milestone by redirecting the lives of 40 nomadic tribe children away from begging and toward formal education. Trivedi, who has been teaching at Bajhera Primary School since 2019, undertook the challenging task of conducting a child census, during which she encountered resistance from locals who attempted to prevent her from approaching houses in the Kalabaj community.

Undeterred, Trivedi persisted, personally visiting Kalabaj households and engaging with parents to advocate for sending their children to school. The Kalabaj community, marginalized in the state, traditionally relies on acrobatics or begging for their livelihood.

Despite initial resistance from both community elders and children from other communities, Trivedi’s persistent efforts paid off. She emphasized the transformative power of education by sharing success stories of individuals from humble backgrounds who became officers and successful industrialists.

Trivedi not only succeeded in enrolling 40 children from the Kalabaj community but also addressed integration challenges when children from other communities initially refused to accept them. She intervened, calling upon parents to discourage discrimination, successfully resolving the issue with their support.

Recognizing the financial constraints of the nomadic tribe families, Trivedi often purchases clothes and books for the children. District Magistrate Umesh Pratap Singh praised Trivedi’s efforts, expressing hope that these children will contribute positively to society, ultimately eradicating caste-based discrimination.

Basic Siksha Adhikari (BSA) Ranveer Singh acknowledged and commended Trivedi’s remarkable work, emphasizing the importance of replicating such efforts in other schools to ensure that no child in the district is left without access to education.

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