Why professional development and skill training matters

Often we come across people-achievers and self-proclaiming zealots who state skill training is ok but gut and gumption seal the deal”. In fact, this perception is scarily spreading amongst the youth as fresh faced kids feel entitled to a particular arena in the occupation field without the backup of experience. Truth is, a skill-less approach to any job restricts you to a great extent, making you a one-trick pony”. On the other hand, constant skill training acts as a platform to elevate your professional development, giving that necessary push for you to soar. Sceptical? Let us look at reasons why constant development and training is essential.

1. It keeps your skill set up-to-date

Have you ever found any use of old knives? They need to be sharpened profusely before putting to use. Same with your skill set, despite the duties being pleasantly diverse. It is common to fall into patterns and routines that form to be the rust in unearthing potential. The skills that you don’t use deteriorate with time, hindering your growth. By keeping your skills fresh, you’ll become (and stay) a better-rounded professional, who can opt for risk-inducing practices for growth.

2. It keeps you competitive in the arena

The job market is unpredictable and no one keeps a count on whats going to happen. No matter how secure you feel right now, you could find yourself in the middle of a job search even before anticipation. In such a volatile environment, participating in continued professional development and career advancement training will ensure you are at the top of your game. Plus, an advanced skill set puts you in a favourable light at interviews. A job candidate who expresses a desire and commitment to constant professional growth is far more compelling (and valuable) than one who doesn’t. Correctly highlighting these upgrades would position you as a valuable player in the industry.

3. It throws challenges to keep you engaged

The key to professional passion is mental stimulation and often, you have to create it yourself. Even well-paying jobs hold a fair chance in becoming cumbersome after the honeymoon period”. Its just human nature to disengage after one has done something long enough. Constant training, however, opens your mind to newer possibilities by challenging and encouraging you to have a fresh perspective. This helps you gain awareness on your shortcoming and strengths, which you can utilise for your best interests. When you are really utilising your faculties, you’ll feel more satisfied.

4. It shows you are committed to success

Employers would prefer to know that you’re an equal partner in the professional success. They are willing to commit more resources in your growth and development when they see you working hard for it. One can easily witness this in you, through your constant participation in different trainings to enhance individual development. Also, in terms of decision making, you’ll be taken more seriously when everyone knows your career is important to you. You’ll be elevated to the status of an asset that the management and the bosses would want to keep on their side. This will secure your growth and retention in the organisation.

To conclude, there is a stark difference between a good and a valuable employee, the latter being more favourable for a longer innings. When it comes to skill training, technology has proved to be a great enabler – such trainings can be conducted through an app-based platform today. So keep yourself upgraded and ace the rat race.

The author is TejaGudluru, founder and CEO, UDO – an expert aggregator mobile app that lets you connect to thousands of experts in over a hundred categories.

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