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Bihar Education Minister: Temples path to mental slavery, schools path of light

January 9, 2024

Bihar Education Minister Chandrashekhar has reiterated a stance asserting that temples represent a “path to mental slavery,” while schools symbolize the “path of light” in life. His statements align with those of Fateh Bahadur Singh, an MLA from his party, who faced backlash for expressing a similar viewpoint. Singh’s statement led to a fringe group announcing a reward of Rs 10 lakh for anyone who cuts off his tongue.

Speaking at an event in Rohtas district commemorating social reformer Savitri Bai Phule’s birth anniversary, Chandrashekhar, an RJD leader, criticized the Ram temple in Ayodhya, describing it as an “exploitative” site designed to benefit certain conspirators within a community. He emphasized the universality of Lord Ram’s presence, asserting that there is no need to visit any temple to connect with Lord Ram.

Chandrashekhar underscored the dichotomy between temples, viewed as leading to “mental slavery,” and schools, seen as guiding individuals toward enlightenment. He posed rhetorical questions about seeking medical care, education, or pursuing professional ambitions, suggesting that temples are not the appropriate avenues for such endeavors.

Addressing the alleged conspiracy against Singh, Chandrashekhar drew parallels with the Mahabharata, proclaiming resilience against attempts to silence dissent. He envisioned a collective strength among the ‘Bahujan’ people, likening their determination to an unstoppable force that would overcome opposition.

Responding to these statements, senior BJP leader Nikhil Anand accused RJD leaders, including Chandrashekhar, of attempting to appease Muslim voters and criticized them for allegedly disrespecting India’s spiritual-cultural heritage. He questioned the religious practices of RJD leaders, referencing their recent visit to Tirupati and suggesting that they clarify their stance on such matters.

Source: PTI

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