Kara4Kids: Health and Safety always their priority!

Kara4Kids: Health and Safety always their priority!

March 6, 2021

Kara4Kids underwent a stringent Audit process, with all levels of Risk Assessment, to understand the measures to be implemented at their centres, training our staff and teachers, preparing ourselves for the right measures on parent involvement and communication, and finally – preparing children for reopening.

Their commitment to Health and Safety of our staff and children was assessed, evaluated;  and with pride we share our achievement and exhibit our assurance of being able to Welcome our children in a safe and secured environment.

About Kara –

Kara4Kids is a group of premium preschools, nestled in various locations of Bangalore and Delhi; with an enduring past of over a decade in fostering children holistically, has continued to lay a strong foundation in Early Learning for children, even amidst the global pandemic. The learning environment encourages a stimulating experience which further leads to an investigative programme instilling alongside values of integrity, independence, respect and tolerance giving rise to appreciation, commitment and self-actualization. Kara’s early childhood programme contributes to the realization of the importance of starting the learning process early to improve society and build an enabling environment. Within the inclusive setting, all children have the right to a quality education that leads to success.

Kara4Kids timely took measures to robust staff training to make sure educators are capable of preparing children for the future in line with what is really needed. Kara4Kids is working to be future-ready with the various SoPs and protocols that have been implemented and being tested for the new normal world post-Covid. Kara4Kids has not only efficiently worked and implemented the SoPs in maintaining preventive hygiene, physical distancing, and temperature checks; but also for handling emergencies with mitigation.

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