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Three Tamil Nadu girls pursue a ‘Seoul Journey’ fueled by BTS passion

January 8, 2024

Three schoolgirls from a quiet village in the Karur district found themselves caught up in an adventurous pursuit fueled by their deep admiration for the K-pop sensation BTS. Aged 13 and in Class 8, these passionate fans hatched a plan to travel to Seoul, South Korea, to meet their idols.

Their journey began on January 4 when they quietly left their homes, taking a train from Erode to Chennai. Their parents, worried when they didn’t return, filed a complaint with the Karur police, prompting a statewide search. The trio, armed with just Rs 14,000 in savings, believed they could reach Seoul without passports. After facing difficulties in securing accommodations, they boarded a train back home from Chennai.

However, a twist occurred at Katpadi railway station when they missed their train during a midnight food stop. Police and Child Line authorities intervened, leading the girls to a state-run facility in Vellore district. Their parents were brought in for counseling sessions.

It became evident that the girls were ardent BTS fans, having meticulously studied details about the band, including their fashion choices. The officials gently conveyed that pursuing dreams overseas was a misguided decision. Emphasis was placed on the importance of education and responsible smartphone use, particularly for educational purposes.

Considering the challenging family backgrounds of the girls—single-parent households, a mentally challenged father, and mothers working as farm laborers—the authorities urged parents to provide support and guidance. After counseling, the girls were sent back to their home district with their parents on the night of January 6.

Source: PTI

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