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Bihar: Governor cautions education department on Raj Bhavan & university jurisdiction

January 10, 2024

Bihar Governor Rajendra V Arlekar has emphasized that the Education Department should refrain from encroaching upon the jurisdictions of universities and the Raj Bhavan. He provided assurance to vice-chancellors of state-run universities regarding the adoption of “appropriate actions” in response to their concerns.

A delegation comprising vice-chancellors from various state universities met with the governor, highlighting what they perceived as “high-handedness and unnecessary interference” by officials from the Education Department in their day-to-day operations. This interference was reported to have a detrimental impact on the academic atmosphere within the universities.

In response to these concerns, the Raj Bhavan issued a statement on Tuesday, expressing the governor’s assurance to take necessary steps. The governor conveyed to the vice-chancellors that the state education department should respect the boundaries of universities and the Raj Bhavan, avoiding any unwarranted encroachment.

This development follows a previous communication from the Raj Bhavan to Chief Secretary Amir Subhani in December, addressing specific orders issued by the Education Department. The content of the communication with the Chief Secretary was not detailed in the provided information.

Despite attempts to seek comments on the matter, Education Minister Chandra Shekhar remained unavailable for response. The ongoing concerns and interventions underscore the importance of maintaining a clear demarcation of responsibilities between the Education Department and the autonomy of universities and Raj Bhavan in Bihar.

Source: PTI

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