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Snapbizz & London Business School unveil study on healthier eating in Mumbai slums

February 7, 2024

A groundbreaking study focusing on healthier eating habits in Mumbai’s slum communities has been released, emphasizing the crucial link between shopping behavior and nutrition for improved health. Conducted in collaboration with the London Business School (LBS), Snapbizz played a vital role in providing technological support for the research. The study, led by LBS faculty Kamalini Ramdas and Ali Aouad, along with former LBS PhD student Alp Sungu, highlights the positive impact of subsidizing cereals on promoting healthier eating habits in these underprivileged communities.

The research, based in Mankhurd, Mumbai, utilized Snapbizz’s advanced technology to implement initiatives aimed at improving nutritional outcomes in specific Kirana store locations. The study’s findings reveal that interventions can influence grocery shopping habits and caloric intake in slum areas. Notably, a significant portion of grocery expenditures in these communities is allocated to snacks, sugar, and soft drinks, underscoring the need for reshaping dietary choices. Subsidizing cereals resulted in a decrease in snack purchases, particularly among families with children, indicating a pathway to enhance future generations’ eating habits.

Mr. Prem Kumar, Founder of Snapbizz, emphasized the societal importance of investing in healthy eating within lower economic strata, contributing to nation-building and long-term economic implications. The success of this collaborative effort suggests the potential for scaling up interventions to positively impact the nutritional well-being of slum communities across India.

Snapbizz and London Business School are committed to expanding their initiatives, campaigns, and incentives to raise awareness and drive the adoption of nutritious eating habits in low-income Indian communities. This strategic partnership aims to transform lives, contribute to the nation’s economic well-being, and foster a healthier future, inviting increased support from organizations for broader-scale impact.

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