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Infiniti Laboratory Tables for Schools and Universities

Product Description Infiniti offers modular, engineered solutions for school and university laboratories: free-standing, laboratory workstations for quick installation without messy civil work. Sturdy labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs,

Infiniti Training Furniture

Product Description  Infiniti offers training modules for computer labs, training rooms, seminar rooms, computer carrels, study carrels and auditorium style rooms. They offer solutions which are modular, flexible and mobile

Infiniti Teachers Furniture

Product Description  Infiniti supports great teaching with a choice of tables, chairs and storage elements for the teacher.  To provide the responsiveness and adaptability demanded by novel teaching method, the

INFINITI School Library

Product Description:  Infiniti offers a complete solution for libraries for preschools, primary, secondary schools and universities; a variety of sturdy modular books racking systems and individual book racks with adequate

INFINITI Classroom Tables

Product Description:  Infiniti offers a wide choice in classroom tables, with unique and ergonomic designs to suit every requirement.  The tables are suitable for all heights and age groups from

INFINITI Classroom chairs

Product Description: Infiniti offers several models in comfortable, ergonomically designed classrooms chairs in 5 sizes; suitable for all age groups from K12 to university. The chairs offer strong postural support

Chakraview School Bus Communication System

About the Product Chakraview offers an innovative communication tool to keep schools/bus operators and parents updated about the movement of the school buses. It uses the latest technology to track

iKen Evaluate

Product description An offering of Mexus Education, iKen Evaluate facilitates continuous & comprehensive evaluation system by introducing appropriate combination of formative assessment and diagnostic assessment technology. About the company Mexus

iKen Activity Lab

Product description iKen Activity Lab models experiential learning for grade IV-IX students through eight sets of activity kits for each grade. It is a self-sustaining model, equipped with all the

Keeptrak School System

Product description Keeptrak School System is an innovative first-in-the-world tracking solutions for school. Keeptrak offers its services in 5 key areas to help students, teachers and parents solve some of

Words Worth English Language Lab

Product description Words Worth English Language Labs assists students in learning English and developing communication skills — LSRW (Listening, Speaking, and Reading & Writing). The language lab programmes have been developed to

Youniform – Uniform Experts

Product description YFM has conducted extensive research to understand the needs of the customers so as to make uniforms much more comfortable, functional, low maintenance and smarter. YFM has a


Product description MyClassboard.com is India’s fastest growing and most widely used Online School Management System. It is one of the most trusted choices of school administrators across India and Africa.

XSEED Text Books

XSEED Text Books provide a ready reference guides for detailed explanation on the concepts learnt in the classroom. XSEED is a “Teaching Improvement System” working in 800 schools in India

XSEED Assessment

Product description Formative and summative assessment tests for students along with CCE compatible student report card. XSEED is a “Teaching Improvement System” working in 800 schools in India and abroad.

Clarity Multimedia Projector

Product description Clarity Multimedia VPL-EX100 and VPL-EX120 projectors are an excellent choice for education or business. They are designed to deliver a low total cost of ownership, and also include

Lyallpur Uniforms Pvt. Ltd.

About the company Backed by 51 years legacy of quality, time consciousness and customer satisfaction, Lyallpur Uniforms ensures end to end solutions – from conceptualisation to retail – so that you

Ebaco Flooring and Furnitures

Ebaco, a German multinational company with four decades of international experience in sports and education, offers a wide range of innovative sports/flooring/furniture products and services. Ebaco’s value added flooring products

Armstrong Acoustic Ceilings

About the company Armstrong Ceiling Solutions has successfully delivered solutions to 500 plus educational institutes across India. Its acoustical ceiling and wall solutions offer high durability options eliminating intrusive noise,

XSEED Model Teaching Videos

Product description Real-life classrooms showcasing an ideal teacher delivering concepts. Great visual and demonstration value. XSEED is a “Teaching Improvement System” working in 800 schools in India and abroad. It

NComputing vSpace – L-Series

Product description The NComputing vSpace – L-Series is a game-changing virtual desktop client device that helps you share one PC or server with upto 100 users. Ideal for use in

NComputing VSpace – M Series

Product description The NComputing VSpace – M Series 3-in-1 thin client kit provides an affordable PC expansion alternative. Ideal for workgroup computing, classrooms, computer labs, training rooms, libraries and small

NComputing VSpace – X Series

Product description The NComputing VSpace-X Series direct connect, desktop virtualisation kits provide a turn-key solution for up to 11 users per PC. Ideal for public access and education in classrooms

PHealth Holistic Development programme

Product description PHealth Solutions offers various holistic development programmes for students such as School Wellness, E career Development and Brain Development programmes. School Wellness Programme aims to build healthy schools and

PHealth Early Childhood Development Training

Product description The PHealth early childhood development training is a solution offered for teachers to enable them to learn, identify and manage various problems that young children face. PHealth assists

Mahesh Bhupathi Tennis Academies

Product description Started by 12 time Grand Slam champion Mahesh Bhupathi and his team of eminent personalities in the field of tennis, Mahesh Bhupathi Tennis Academies (MBTA) aims to provide

XSEED Workbooks

Product description XSEED is a “Teaching Improvement System” working in 800 schools in India and abroad. XSEED Workbooks bring visible improvement in Grasp of Concepts and Spoken English of students.

Uniform in a Box

Product description Incepted in 2009, Uniform in a Box is a pioneer in crafting high-quality uniforms with professional service. Uniform in a Box uses tested and certified fabrics in making


Product description LeapStart — an initiative of Fitkids Education and Training Pvt Ltd — is a premier Sports & PE programme that offers comprehensive sport and fitness solutions for children

INFINITI Lockers & Storage

Product Description Infiniti provides many options in school storage; modular units ranging from lockers, cubbies, chart drawer units, cabinets, drawers and trays. Infiniti’s storage products facilitate efficient storage and easy

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